CrystalDiskMark 8.0

A disk benchmark software program for Windows users
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CrystalDiskMark is a simple yet very accurate disk benchmarking application that uses the DiskSpd performance test tool from Microsoft.
Though it runs on many different editions and versions of Windows, CrystalDiskMark requires at least the 8th version of Internet Explorer to be installed on the system in order to properly work. It also requires that specific IE settings (Internet Options > Accessibility) to be set to “default” (all off). Despite these small flaws, CrystalDiskMark is not difficult to use. On the contrary, its interface is very simple and straightforward and even beginners can use it without any problem even though the few available settings are suitable for being checked only by advanced users with experience when it comes to bookmarking and other IT-related aspects. The interface can also be customized using the available themes.

Another thing that I like about this small tool is the fact that CrystalDiskMark can be run on many different Windows versions and editions. Furthermore, it’s a completely free tool that can be used without spending a penny. Last but not least, it can also be used for testing SSDs. In conclusion, if you ever need to check and test the performance level of your disks, letting this tiny tool help you is clearly a good idea.

Margie Smeer
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  • Simple
  • Small, neat and lightweight
  • Supports SSDs
  • Free
  • Customizable interface


  • Requires IE 8 or newer and specific IE settings
  • The help file is rather superficial
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